The Loved Ones: Movie Review

Released 2009, this deliciously dark, and brutal Australian master piece, is sure to have you watching through closed fingers.

Basic plot of the film (without too many spoilers) is: Cool rocker guy, called Brent, (with nice eyes and lovely hair says my wife), played by Xavier Samuel, turns down uncool, loner girl, called Lola, played by Robin McLeavy, to the end of year prom. Lola and her dad concoct a plan to kidnap Brent, in revenge for him saying no to her. Brent wakes up at Lola’s house, and is subjected to horrific torture at the hands of his captors, with knives, forks, hammers, power drills, rocks, bleach and boiled water (I think that’s everything). Each used, in a more horrific way than the last. The rest, I will leave to your imagination, as I’m not ruining the end of the film for you. Or of course, you could watch this and see for yourself.

The film has scenes of very graphic violence, but it doesn’t sacrifice story line, or  character development, in the whirlwind of madness and depravity that ensues. It’s not just violent for the sake of it.

I’m rather struggling to think of anything bad to say about this film. Possibly that it follows general rule of thumb with kidnap films, except this one in parts, descends into it’s own world, of sickness and depravity. Particularly with the relationship between the father and the daughter. It provides a few Uncomfortable moments for sure.

To round this up, if you’re a horror fan, this is a must see, and is vital to your collection. ‘The loved ones’, really is, above and beyond, any other kidnap film, you’re ever likely to see.

We give this film 8/10.

Check out the teaser trailer below:




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