Upcoming Films: Death House

Currently in post production, and set for release later this year, the movie is being billed as ‘The Expendables of Horror’… And after one look at the cast list, and writing credits, it’s easy to see why.

The movie, is written by Gunnar Hansen and film director Harrison, and stars horror genre legends, such as Kane Hodder, Dee Wallace, Tony Todd, Sid Haig, Michael Berrymen, Bill Mosely and Adrienne Barbeau… Just to name a few.

The basic plot of the film, is that ‘Death House’, is a secret government facility, housing the most vile, vicious criminals the world has ever seen, and they’re about to stage an escape. We are extremely excited about the release of this film, and it’s not just the cast list, that got our attention with this one.

On top of using practical effects, (which pleases is greatly), the majority of the filming, takes place at an abandoned prison in Philidelphia, known as Holmesburg Prison. The facility operated from 1896 through to 1995. There is a dark history there, with documented evidence, of inhumane experiments, and tests, performed on inmates. ‘The dorkening’, got exclusive access to the set of ‘Death House’, and ,are a short feature about the set of the film, and had time to do an interview with Kane Hodder. Click the videos below to have a look.

Holmesburg Prison


Kane Hodder Interview:


We are mega excited about the release of this movie, and will up date you with release information, when it becomes available. For the most up to date information on the movie, follow the film on Twitter at @DeathHouseMovie

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