George A. Romero Gets Hollywood Star

Warning: Graphic Violence. NSFW.

The above video, quite simply, depicts the best of the gore and violence in Romero’s films. The kills have a brutality rating, ranging from Brutal, to Brutaler, to Brutalest… And quite honestly, that’s no lie…

Its unbelievable that it’s taken this long, but at long last, for contribution to film, the father of the zombie genre… George A. Romero, has been inducted, into the class of 2017, Hollywood walk of fame.

Maker of such films as Night of the living dead, Dawn of the dead, Day of the dead, Diary of the dead, Creepshow, and countless others, the zombie genre as we know it wouldn’t exist without this visionary, and such shows ‘The Walking Dead’ wouldn’t exist either. On the subject of ‘The Walking Dead’, Romero has said he is not a fan of the show, and was quoted as saying “The Walking Dead is just a drama, with the  occasional zombie”.

None the less, ‘The Scream Source’, and all the fans of your films, would like to congratulate you, on this great achievement.


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