The Facility: Review

The Facility is a British horror film, written and directed by Ian Clark. It was released on June 23rd, 2012. It got its U.K. television premier, on the Horror Channel in May, and was presented by the ever beautiful, darling of horror, Emily Booth.

The film, follows 8 strangers, who arrive at a pharmaceutical facility, to go through a clinical trial, for a new drug, which they have called ‘Pro 9’.

The film is a bit of a slow burner to begin with, as the characters and their back stories and quirks and traits are introduced. While this is happening, we find out that characters Morty, and Joni, are life long clinical trial addicts, and this is not their first rodeo. Although this seems a little boring at the time, it’s actually quite beneficial for what’s to come later.

So on the first night, 2 (the alpha male, and the shy one) of the 8 go bat shit crazy, and get the rage. This is when things really take off. The other 6 protagonists, not being able to get out of the building, seek refuge inside it.

Finding all the facility staff brutally murdered, on their hunt for safety, they find their way to the med lab, and barricade themselves in. They find all the paperwork on their clinical trial and find 2 of the remaining 6 have been given placebos, amid won’t be affected by the drug.

As each of the group, starts to suffer symptoms of the drug, and the eventually turn into crazed lunatics, the group are presented with a world of new challenges to overcome, leading to the ultimate terrifying conclusion, and uncovering.

There are some parts in the middle of the film, before they get to the med lab, and while they’re in the med lab, that you find yourself scotching your head, and kind of waiting for something to happen. This really is a film of peaks and troughs. It picks up and looks like it’s gonna really let loose, and then the breaks come screeching on, and you’re left wondering about what could have been… A bit of a letdown in that sense.

None the less, it has all the good aspects of a horror film. It’s blood thirsty, there’s boobs, there is something for the lads, and girls to look at, there’s bat shit crazy zombies on a destruction mission, and the impending feeling of doom for the group… Oh and a dickhead, investigative journo, who gets strangled to death. It really does have a lot of good moments. It’s a good watch, but it’s not perfect.

We rate this film 6/10.

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