Amityville – The Awakening: January 2017 Release


This year, there has been a bit of a buzz around the 1974 murder house, 112 Ocean Drive, in Amityville, and this time, not for anything in any way sinister. The current owners have put it up for sale at $800,000 U.S.

But wait for it… There is also another horror film, set at the house, on its way to us, in the form of the Franck Khalfoun directed ‘Amityville: The Awakening’, and is scheduled for cinematic release on January 6th, 2017, which is really, subject to change. It has changed twice already. The film wrapped in 2014, and when the initial trailer dropped, a release date was set as January 2nd, 2015. It was to be delayed, and the new release was set for April 15th, 2016. It then got bumped forward, to April 1st, and then delayed even further, to the date we have now, being January 6th , 2017.

Being curious as to just how many films have been made in the name of ‘The Amityville Haunting, I turned my attention to Wikipedia. Including the very disappointing, Michael Bay produced, 2005 remake/reboot (of the original, classic, 1979 film), which featured Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George as Mr and Mrs Lutz…, this will be the 15th installment, of the Amityville franchise of films.


In November 1974, Ronnie DeFeo Jr, aided by a hunting rifle, shot and killed 6 members of his family, while they slept. He claimed he heard voices that told him to do it, and that he was possessed.

But we’ve gone off track here a little. Let’s get back ,to talking about ‘The Awakening’.

When you watch the trailer below, you may agree that the plot of the film… reeks of familiarity. A family in need of a fresh start… They move into the new dream home at 112 Ocean Drive, and can’t believe they got it so cheap… the daughter who is in high school, finds out about the DeFeo murder massacre in the 70’s… And then all the haunting happens. Sure, they’ve tried to throw in a curve ball, and mix it up, and have the character, who plays the son, very ill, in a hospital bed, receiving home treatment. Something similar, was done in another blumhouse produced picture, called ‘Insidious’, when the eldest son, goes into a coma, and is in a hospital bed, receiving home treatment. That film starred Patrick Wilson. He is also in the very recently released ‘The Conjuring 2’. And the first 15 minutes of that film… Are about the Amityville haunting. And that was produced by Blumhouse as well. Can you see a pattern emerging here? Anyway, here is the trailer.

My expectations then, for this film, are already quite low. A predictable plot, and I can only imagine, it will be full of forced jump scares, like every other modern horror film at the moment… The only hope I have for this film, is that the character development is somewhat decent, and it isn’t full of romantic sub-plots, that will further distract the telling of the ‘real story’ (if such a thing exists), and further ruin the film.

The eye candy for the film, is provided, in the form of the beautiful, Bella Thorne, who starred as the character ‘Nina’, in the first season, of Wes Cravens, 90’s slasher classic, Scream: The TV Series, which started last year on Netflix and is now in irs 2nd season. Alongside her, is Jennifer Jason Leigh, who played Daisy in Tarantino’s most recent title, ‘The Hateful Eight’, and starred in countless other brilliant films. Check out her IMDB page.

With this one then, I would say, try and be optimistic. I could be completely wrong, and it’ll be a masterpiece.  Something inside is telling me, that it won’t be, and it will be yet another, unnecessary film about 112 Ocean Drive, in Amityville.

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