You read that correctly…

Lions Gate Pictures, have confirmed that Saw 8, will be returning to cinemas, on October 27th, 2017. Just in time for Halloween. The 8th film of the franchise will be called Saw: Legacy, and the filming will begin to shoot, at the start of the September, through to the end of October 2016, in Ontario, Canada.

The Saw franchise, is big money, and as well know, Lionsgate proudly boast, that it was honoured by the Guinness book of records, as being the highest grossing horror franchise of all time, with profits of $847,000,000. So it’s no wonder, they’re keen on making a new film.

There is no casting, or plot information at this moment, but as it becomes available, we’ll keep you up to date.

And as far as plot goes, ‘complex’ have reported, that the production house lions gate, may want to make the film a reboot. Personally, I think that would be terrible. It hasn’t been long enough since the first film, or even that long since the last film in 2010. I don’t think we’re ready or willing to accept someone else playing the Jigsaw character. It hasn’t been long enough. Look at the Nightmare On Elm Street reboot. The world wasn’t ready, to accept a new Freddy Krueger, and it wbe the same scenario with Jigsaw.

If a direct sequel was to be made, what could happen next, with characters Detective Hoffman, and Doctor Gordon after Saw 3D? (The 7th, and at that point in time, final film of the franchise). And what part will Jigsaw play? With the film being called ‘Legacy’… Jigsaw, from the 2nd or 3rd film, would pound on, with his legacy mantra, so I would envisage, part 8, being the continuation of his legacy, via whatever games he designed  and people he chose to play them before he died.

I’m a huge fan of the Saw franchise. The first 6, I thought were incredible, in so many ways. I completely fell in love, with the intricacy of the various plots in each film, and how they twist and turn, and link faultlessly between films. The complexity of the characters, their personalities and back stories. The creativity, and imagination, that goes into the brutal traps, for jigsaws victims. And of course… No Saw film is complete without the truck loads, of blood, and gore, that gets thrown at you in mass. When filming the scenes with the traps, you see everything the victim is experiencing. The camera does not shy away, from showing you ripping flesh, breaking bone or crushing and dismemberment of limbs. You get the lot… From characters cutting off their feet and crawling through pits of needles, to getting mercilessly injected with acid, and getting your arms and legs completely twisted off.

Saw 3D is where I have problems. After the amazing, job that director Kevin Greutert, did with Saw 6, I was thrilled to hear they had been hired again for Saw 3D, and waited with anticipation, for its release.

Upon seeing the 7th installment, I was shocked and upset at what I had seen… Not the gore and violence, that I could handle that… I just couldn’t comprehend, how the same writing and directing team from Saw 6, managed to get 7 so wrong!!! The film had so much potential, and what we got, was something that was just rubbish, and completely predictable. Some of the traps are quite good, but the storyline that goes with it, was just absolute nonsense. Although… with the success of the first 6 films, it’s not too sour a pill to swallow.

So we can remind of ourselves of some of the better moments from the Saw Franchise, here is a short video, of the top 10 Saw traps, by ‘Watch Mojo’.

Being a big fan of the series, I’m very excited, at the announcement of Saw: Legacy. James Wan, and Leigh Whannell, the director and writer of the original saw film, are going to be involved at the level, of executive producers.

But as excited as I am… at the same time, I’m very concerned. The writers brought in, to continue the Saw franchise, are Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stohlbert.


The above mentioned ‘dynamic duo’, of Goldfinger and Stohlbert, have limited horror film experience.

What experience they do have, is being credited, with working together, on writing the horror films, Sorority Row in 2009, Piranha 3D in 2010, and Piranha 3DD in 2012. The rest of their writing/directing experience, is on animated cartoons for children.

In the same concerned breath, there is double trouble in the directors chairs, in the form of Michael and Peter Stierig. Two brothers from Germany, who have less experience in horror than the writing team. They are credited with working together on the horror films, Undead in 2003, and Daybreakers in 2009.

I’m not particularly convinced, that the writing team and directing team are up to the challenge, or… are they of the caliber needed, to make a super gory, and ultra violent, but also, very intelligent, and well thought out storyline, that will rejuvenate the Saw franchise, after Saw 3D, being so rubbish. When I first read, who was writing the film, I thought it was a joke. And as far as the directors go, their big moment, is that they made Daybreakers… Possibly, the most boring vampire film, I have ever seen.

And this is my fear… Would it be possible to make a really boring Saw film? With all the flashbacks that already exist in the films, we’re already very familiar with Jigsaw/John Kramers past, and his origins, so let’s hope they don’t try and make a prequel, or Saw in space, or something equally as ridiculous. With the amount of paranormal and zombie films out at the moment, let’s hope nobody pulls out a ouija bored, or that the dead start walking.

I am rooting for this film, and really hope my fears are dumbfounded. I would love for this to be the start of a new series of Saw films. Keeping all my fingers crossed.

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