Horror Movies: Alternate Endings – Part 1


Often when movies are made, the director can be undecided, at what to do with the ending, and will go ahead and film a few different scenarios, to end the film with. We’re now going to delve into the world of ‘The Alternate Ending’, and see the ‘what could have been’ endings, to some of your favourite horror films.

1. Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

The theatrical ending of the reboot, is dull, lazy, borrowed from other films of the franchise, and completely predictable. The alternate ending is a far better experience. When Freddy restrains Nancy, and turns his face back to his living face, before he was burr ed, the first time Nancy sees it, you can see the fear and terror on her face, as she looks and quickly turns away and starts to scream, after looking at the face, and looking into the eyes of the man, who had abused and tormented her, as a young girl. When it comes time for Nancy to exact her vengeance, this ending allows you to see the full extent of her rage and anger, as she finally gets her long awaited revenge.

2. Orphan

In this alternate ending, we see the ‘Final Battle’ come to an end, and then mother and daughter escaping. As good as the original ending is, the outcome is predictable. What you get with the alternative ending, is something different, and rather chilling. I can understand it not being used, as it could pave the way for pointless sequels, where we already know the big twist.

3. Friday The 13th: Part 9 – Jason Goes To Hell

Part 9, and supposed end for the Jason Voorheea saga, was a little bit of a let down, with very little of Jason being shown in the film, apart from at the very beginning, and at the very end. The alternative ending, is different mainly in the part where Jason is being dragged to hell, in this case by hands shooting from the ground, and also, little demons. The parts with one of the 2 remaining protagonists, being dragged down to hell is different as well. I can understand why they didn’t use this. The demons look like absolute garbage. They would maybe work in a film like ‘Ghoulies’, but most certainly not for a franchise such as this. The theatrical ending though, was the part of the film that provided us all, with a real gem, that 10 years later, would give us the fans, the long awaited, Freddy vs Jason in 2003.


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