Secret Blair Witch Sequel Revealed


I remember being 15 years old when ‘The Blair Witch Project’ was released, and the idea of a found footage film, in mainstream cinema, was at this time, unheard of.  ‘The Blair Witch Project’ was released in 1999, and it was a complete game changer. For the longest time, it was believed by the majority, to be completely true.                Due to a massive PR stunt by the producers of the movie ‘Lionsgate’ the majority of viewers, actually thought the actors and actress in the film, had really gone missing, and some even sent sympathy cards, to the mother of the actress ‘Heather Donahue’. The PR stunt they pulled, really was that believeable. It really did have everybody fooled.


For those who want to see the trailer, of where The Blair Witch saga, and found footage phenomenon began, then check out the video below.

So a few months back, we were told that on September 16th, that we were getting a release, that would be a new, truly terrifying, experience in horror.

The Film was called ‘The Woods’ and the trailer was truly a haunting one, that has always stuck in my mind since I first saw it. Especially the soundtrack of ‘Every Breath You Take’. The sole, echoed, female voice, singing a song about someone stalking you, works so well. This is that trailer.

At Comic-Con there was a massive reveal! We found out that ‘The Woods’, is actually to be called ‘Blair Witch’, and will be a direct sequel, to the 1999 found footage release,  ‘The Blair Witch Project’.

This is an incredibly exciting development, and now that there is a NEW TRAILER, especially for the new ‘Blair Witch’. So without further delay, we’ll show that to you now.

This film looks like it’s going to be pretty epic. The only things I have doubts about, are how they’re going to tie this all together. It’s been 17 years since the original, so that will be interesting.

Roll on September 16th.

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