My Favourite Villains-Part 1: Freddy Krueger

When I was 12, the glorious day I waited so long for, had finally arrived.
I was about to watch, a horror movie, for the first time.
The film, was the ‘Wes Craven’ directed, ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’.
I had only ever seen posters & cardboard cutouts of Freddy Krueger so I had no idea what was in store.

It was a life changing experience.
I sat and watched the first 4 films in one sitting.
Then the next day after breakfast, I watched the 5th film, Freddy’s Dead
and New Nightmare.
I was hooked.
I went to bed scared, for 2 years. But quite simply, I loved the
films, and what’s more, it was this group of films, that introduced me to the world
of other horror films, and the horror genre as a whole.

For those of you, who don’t know about the ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ films, or have only seen the 2010 reboot and thought… This is complete nonsense… here is a closer look at the character, known as Freddy Krueger, and why, he is one of my favourite horror villains.

The Background: Freddy Krueger


In the Nightmare On Elm Street films, The part of Freddy Krueger is performed by Robert Englund.

Frederick Charles Krueger, more commonly known as ‘Freddy’ is the illegitimate
son of 100 maniacs. A nun, called Amanda Krueger, worked at
‘Our Lady Of Sorrows’ Asylum for the criminally insane, in the town of Springwood.
In 1941, over the holiday season, fate it seemed, would take its course, and
Amanda would accidentally, be locked in.
She was repeatedly attacked, and raped, which resulted in the unholy conception.
When she was found, she was barely alive, but pregnant.
Subsequently, that wing of the hospital was closed.
Frederick Charles Krueger, was born in February, of 1942, and given up for adoption.
Freddy’s new legal guardian, was a drunk, and would dish out daily beatings.
Throughout his childhood, on top of the beatings, Fred was badly bullied, and
exhibited strange behaviour, taking his anger out, on small animals.
As Fred grew older, he learned to endure the pain of the beatings… Even liking it,
telling himself, the secret of pain, is stop feeling it, and to start using it.
In his late teens, Freddy would kill the man who adopted him.
After a time of living rough, he got a job working working as a janitor at a
power plant, and living in the boiler room.
It was around about then that the murders began.
Fred was abducting children from Elm Street, taking them to the boiler room,
and torturing, raping and killing them.
The mutilated bodies of the children began to turn up and the spree of murders
started a media frenzy, earning Freddy the nickname, of ‘The Springfield Slasher’.
The police needed to act and act they did. They caught, after a lengthy manhunt,
the Springwood police, arrested Freddy at his boiler room.
The trial of Freddy Krueger should have been a clear case, with the amount
of evidence against him.
The case was dismissed after the defence attorney, produced
a piece of evidence, showing that the search warrant to apprehend Freddy, was not
signed correctly at the time of arrest, and Freddy was set free.
The parents of Springwood felt cheated, and wanted justice, no matter the cost.
They followed Freddy back to the boiler room, covered it petrol, set it on fire, and watched him burn.

The video below, is Nancy’s Mum, telling the origin story, of Freddy Krueger,
and how he met his fiery end.

He was a monster before he died, but then he became something so much worse.
He was able to invade the dreams, of the teenage kids on Elm Street, so he could take his revenge on the parents that killed him, by killing their kids in their dreams, where they’re defenceless.

What makes him so scary, firstly, are the physical elements, his burnt face, the dirty red and green sweater, the brown hat, and most of all, his glove, manufactured by the man himself, with 4 razor sharp knives for fingers.

The worst element of all, is  fear. He feeds on your fear.

When you sleep, he invades your dreams, and there is nothing you can do to stop him.
He will terrorise, and torture you for fun. Then only once he’s had his fill, will he kill you.
That is what makes him so scary, compared to other horror movie villains.
He doesn’t just kill you. He breaks his victims down mentally. He knows your
fears and will use them against you.

For me, there is one reason I watch horror films, and that is, to be frightened out of my mind, by what I have just seen. Freddy Krueger does that on every level.
Many have tried, but you can not kill him.
Freddy Krueger is pure evil.
And pure evil can never die.

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