VR Gaming: 360 Degrees of Hell

We here at ‘The Scream Source’, are very excited to announce the latest, exciting VR experience on iOS and Android.

Recall Studios, a virtual reality and media subsidiary of Carolco Pictures, are releasing an immersive, live action VR horror experience, called ‘360 Degrees of Hell’.
It will give viewers the chance to experience the next chapter of the cult classic ‘Six Degrees of Hell’, in a full 360 degree environment.

Pretty damn cool right?
We’re happy to report, that the news only gets better…

The Cast

360 Degrees, features cult horror film favourite, ‘Amanda Wyss’, who was the first victim of Freddy Krueger, in her portrayal of Tina, in Wes Craven’s timeless 1984 classic, ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’. She also starred, in the recently released, and very brilliant, double award winning paranormal horror short, called ‘October 23rd’, which you can see here.


Left: Lauren Compton // Right: Amanda Wyss

Alongside her, is ‘Lauren Compton’, who portrayed the part of ‘Sarah’ in the also recently released, violent, terrifying, and bloodthirsty, ‘Clown Town’. She was also the star of Justin Lin’s blockbuster VR experience, ‘Help!’. You can see her next, in 2017’s horror epic ‘Death House’, which is being dubbed ‘the expendables of horror’.


Stuck In The Middle: Director Harrison Smith, in the middle of Amanda Wyss (left) and Lauren Compton (right)

Directed by Harrison Smith, (Writer and Director of such films as Camp Dread, The Fields, Zombie Killers, and the upcoming, Death House), this thrilling VR experience, follows up on events that took place, in ‘6 Degrees of Hell’, which was created and written by Smith, and directed by Joe Raffa.

The Hotel of Horror

3phototasticcollage-2016-10-14-18-23-0560 Degrees of Hell, is filmed inside one of the world’s most highly ranked and renowned Halloween haunts.
We’re talking about none other, than the legendary ‘Lake House Hotel’, in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, which is better known, as the ‘Hotel of Horror’.
The filming features real-life haunters and scarers, from the state of the art, haunted attraction.


The story follows sisters Kelly (Amanda Wyss) and Jamie (Lauren Compton), as they go in search of answers, in regard to the disappearance of their missing brother.
They’re accompanied by psychic-medium Mary Wilkins (Susan Moses), as they go to the haunted Halloween attraction, ‘The Hotel of Horror’, where years before, a brutal mass murder had taken place.
The spirit of a young girl called Sophia, is channeled by the medium Mary, to act as a spirit guide to the two sisters, and take them on a journey through the maze of rooms, that have seen more than their fair share, of death and bloodshed and misery.
As they delve deeper and deeper into the mystery of their missing brother, they’re brought into direct contact with the evil that lurks within the walls, at the ‘Hotel of Horror’.

The Experience

360 Degrees of Hell, is delightfully dark and was an absolute pleasure to experience.
In fact, it’s genuinely scary.
There’s plenty of frights, as you navigate your way through the ‘Hotel of Horror’.
Honing in on the things you fear most, there is something to scare everyone.
No one is safe.

“We here at ‘The Scream Source’ absolutely loved this VR experience, and we know any horror fan, and really, anyone for that matter who gets hold of this, is going to love their experience, just as much as we did. “

The performances from all the cast members is absolutely spot on.
Especially Amanda Wyss, who shines in her role as Kerry, and adds a whole other dynamic to the experience.
As things start to get heated and go from bad to worse for the two sisters, her screams, fear and distress are grizzly and raw, and feel very real. We’re treated to a real scream queen at work.

mv5bmtq5ntmxnje2nf5bml5banbnxkftztgwmjaxodk5nze-_v1_sy1000_cr006661000_al_On working on this new and exciting project, Amanda Wyss had this to say: “Filming in 360, was different from anything I have ever done before. I am thrilled, to be a part of this novel avenue of horror movie making, that has a direct, profound effect on the viewer experience. I’m excited, like everyone, to see where VR and my character, Kelly, go in future installments!”

The sound is very important to the overall experience, and really draws you in.
You find yourself immersed, wired in, and wide eyed in anticipation, of what’s coming next.
The sound cues are given to you by spirit guide Sophia. They’re whispered in haunting echoes, and very creepy. They’re used to great effect, in directing you towards uncovering more secrets, on your way through your terrifying VR journey.
It has to be said, the the haunters from the ‘Hotel of Horror’, that were used in the the filming, were fantastic and provided some terrifying moments.
The scene in the embalming room with the clown, provides a ‘breaking the fourth wall’ moment, that gets your senses tingling. The fear levels rise as you become filled with dread at what could possibly be in store for you in the next room. .
Be Aware… This is 360… there is something going on all around you… and nowhere is safe… Proceed at your own risk. 

Get The App

The immersive 360° sequel to the cult horror film, ‘6 Degrees of Hell’ which stars Corey Feldman, can be viewed for free by downloading the Recall VR App on both the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and can be watched on YouTube 360.

Click on the links below to get your copy now.

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