Carnage Park (2016)

A craic’n review of a great independent horror film!

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Carnage Park, 2016
directed by Mickey Keating
starring Ashley Bell, Pat Healy, Alan Ruck

Taking place in 1978, and presented in the style of grindhouse flicks of the same time, Carnage Park is a fairly thrilling, quick-ride that features a fair share of blood and tension. Two men rob a small town bank, take a girl hostage, but end up lost in the nearby sprawling desert. Unbeknownst to them, the owner and inhabitant of the land has his own version of The Most Dangerous Game set up. It’s a simple enough plot designed to get right to the action. There are flashbacks early on that connect characters or fill in some of the plot, which gives the film a little bit of a modern style, but overall the film is designed to look like something you would have seen decades ago. The music is great, and the characters seem…

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Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Comicbook Review


Call me behind the times, all you like, but I honestly couldnt care less. I have to confess, that as far as comic books go, i’ve always looked at them, and been able to have a huge appreciation for the artistry and talent that has gone in to making them, but for some reason, i’ve never properly picked one up and read one. *Shame On Me*
This series of comics, since their conception, is something ive always wanted to have a look at, but life gets in the way, and things get forgotten about. But 8 years later, I have finally gotten round to reading the comics dubbed ‘The Match Up You’ve Been Waiting For’, and man have I waited.
In 2008, Wildstorm comics, and Dynamite entertainment released a 6 part comic book series called Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.
If you have lived under a rock all your life, and never seen a horror film, the characters featured here are classed by many, as the gods of the genre.
They dont make ’em like they used to, and these three characters are perfect examples.
We were introduced to these characters, as early as 1980, and fans are still as crazy about them now, as they were back then. They’re all, full on, full time, ass kicking, timeless classics.

The Story

The Battle For The Necronimcon Exmortis

After the events of the 2002 film, Freddy vs Jason, Freddy is desperate to once again return. He uses Jason as a pawn, to go after a book called the Necrinomicon Exmortis, which has passages in it which can bring him back, stronger, and more evil than ever before. He makes a deal with Jason that he recovers the book, he will give him what he always wanted… The chance to have the life of a normal little boy.

What Freddy hadnt bargained on, is that there is a guy called Ash Williams moving into town, also on the hunt for the book, with the intention of destroying it, and ridding the world of the evil of the deadites, once and for all.
A full on battle is about ensue between these three titans, but who will come out victorious?

Our Thoughts? (***SPOILERS***)

If you’re a fan of the slasher genre, and/or, a fan of any of these three characters, then this is something you’re really going to enjoy.
The story is very entertaining and is full of sex, violence, and fun dialogue. It really is a very enjoyable read, but its by no means perfect, and is not without its issues.
Things get going quickly, with a lot of very exciting action sequences, full of blood and gore and violence, featuring Jason Voorhees. It is shortly after this, that the plot starts to unravel, and for the first time in the series, we are properly introducd to Freddy Krueger.

The parts with Freddy are pretty damn good though. To start with, he only exists in a dream world. This matteras not to Freddy, who goes for it, and all out emotionally terrorises Jason, by doing such things as, having sex with his mother, as one of these examples.
As Freddy becomes more powerful, the more evil Freddy becomes.
With new toys to play with, you get to see a whole new evil side of Kreuger, and just how sadistic he can/could be, and the lengths he is willing to go to, to get his own way, and satisfy his sick desires.
I appreciate different artists of varying qualities, may have worked on the 6 different comics. But regardless of that, there has to be a level of consistancy. In every other page of each of the comics where Freddy features, he’s drawn differently, and somtimes in weird and unexpected ways… sometimes even within the same sequences, on the same page. Its almost as if they had 7 or 8 different ideas as to how they thought Freddy should look, and instead of using one, decided to use them all.

Jason is as Jason does. He is a killing machine. He doesnt get up, do some yoga, and have a rabbit food breakfast… Jason wakes up, gets the scent of teenagers, doing things their parents have forbode, hunts them down, and kills them… often in very brutal ways.
He features in pretty much every part of this series, and is used to great effect. When Jason goes into rampage mode, which happens frequently in this series, some of the kills are very graphic, and get the desired effect. phototasticcollage-2016-10-26-19-54-36
When Jason comes to have his show down with Freddy, possibly, the best part of the whole series occurs. Freddy needs to get Jason out of the way so he can go after Ash. He uses the necronomicon, to bring back every one of Jason’s previous victims in deadite form, to take him down. We see some of the most memorable victims of the Friday the 13th films come back to life right in front of our eyes to take their vengence on Jason. Its brilliant. phototasticcollage-2016-10-26-21-59-27
I was all up for a Freddy vs Jason 2 film, and if that were to be continued in the medium of a comic book, then so be it, but it has to be said, I was concerned about the edition of Ash to the story.
Ash is as big a character as Krueger or Voorhess, and being a big fan, I didnt want Ash to be just… shoe horned in there for the sake of adding him to the story, and this is how it feels to me.
When he is introduced into the stroy, it all feels like its purely a case of ‘just because’ and for convienience. phototasticcollage-2016-10-21-13-07-18
Ash just happens to be sent to work in a new S-mart store thats opened up beside Camp Crystal Lake, which we later find out is because the book is altering reality, all by itself. Also, the Necrinomicon, for no explainable reason, just happens to be buried in the basement of the old Voorhees house… ‘Just because’.
Apart from that downside, dont let that take anythig away from the overall characterof Ash. His portrayal here, is very similar to they type of Ash we saw in the film ‘Army of Darkness’.
He’s got all the sleezy lines with the ladies, and thr funny one liners for the baddies, but when it comes to business, Ash is as sharp as ever in taking out the deadites.

The Scream Source Rating:

We rate this comic book series 7/10. Its worth a read for sure, but beware, its not perfect and there are a few story essental parts, that you kinda just have to accept are happening for the story to move along. This is mostly at the beginning though, and its not exactly frequent. From the point Freddy gets hold of the Necrinomicon, all of this is forgotten and very much forgiven.

Death House At ‘Days Of The Dead’

For those of you who didn’t know, or couldn’t make it, the ‘Days Of The Dead’ convention, rolled in to Louisville this weekend.

Today. at 3pm (EST), which for me, was 8pm (GMT), The Death House Movie panel, were to take the stage, to show the world, the trailer and speak to the full house of fans, to tell them a bit about making the film, working on set with each other, and the fun times and laughs they had together.

The guests from the film that took to the stage, from left to right, were Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Rick Finkelstein (Producer), Harrison Smith (Writer/Director), Cody Longo, and Felissa Rose. Below is the complete video of the Q&A.

The Loved Ones: Movie Review

Released 2009, this deliciously dark, and brutal Australian master piece, is sure to have you watching through closed fingers.

Basic plot of the film (without too many spoilers) is: Cool rocker guy, called Brent, (with nice eyes and lovely hair says my wife), played by Xavier Samuel, turns down uncool, loner girl, called Lola, played by Robin McLeavy, to the end of year prom. Lola and her dad concoct a plan to kidnap Brent, in revenge for him saying no to her. Brent wakes up at Lola’s house, and is subjected to horrific torture at the hands of his captors, with knives, forks, hammers, power drills, rocks, bleach and boiled water (I think that’s everything). Each used, in a more horrific way than the last. The rest, I will leave to your imagination, as I’m not ruining the end of the film for you. Or of course, you could watch this and see for yourself.

The film has scenes of very graphic violence, but it doesn’t sacrifice story line, or  character development, in the whirlwind of madness and depravity that ensues. It’s not just violent for the sake of it.

I’m rather struggling to think of anything bad to say about this film. Possibly that it follows general rule of thumb with kidnap films, except this one in parts, descends into it’s own world, of sickness and depravity. Particularly with the relationship between the father and the daughter. It provides a few Uncomfortable moments for sure.

To round this up, if you’re a horror fan, this is a must see, and is vital to your collection. ‘The loved ones’, really is, above and beyond, any other kidnap film, you’re ever likely to see.

We give this film 8/10.

Check out the teaser trailer below: