Death House: Are You Ready?


Thats right folks, the trailer for the highly anticipated ‘Death House’ has landed.

Amazing right?

deathhouse_2The trailer delivers on so many levels. Harrison Smith, and his production team, have been very clever, and put some real thought and effort, into putting this trailer together. It lays everything out perfectly. I felt an excitement that I hadn’t felt for a long time.
Something that really got me, was that, although it delivers everything you would want from a trailer, it doesn’t give up the secrets of the film.


Cortney Palm (Agent Toria Boon), & Cody Longo (Agent Jae Novak)

The synopsis of the film, sees Agents Boon and Novak, getting an exclusive tour of the ‘Death House’ facility. A prison that houses the most dangerous criminals in the world. A power breakdown, sets the inmates free, and sends the two agents into a fight for survival, as they navigate their way to the depths of the prison, where a supernatural evil may be their only chance of survival.

After seeing the trailer, it has left me with questions. Left me wanting to know, the background of the FBI graduates, the backgrounds of doctors, the nazi style experiments, on human subjects, the backgrounds of the inmates. Also, what will be the agenda of the inmates, now that they’re free of their restraints? How are the agents going to escape? What, are the 5 evils?
It’s left me craving more, and that’s what a proper trailer should do. It reminds of trailers of a bygone era.

At the start of the Q&A session at the ‘Days Of The Dead’
the panel took no prisoners, and gave the world of horror, what I think, is a wake up call.

A point that was made clear, was that there is no CGI in this film, except for the editing and putting the filmed scenes together. Everything else, is all practical effects. The set, the blood, guts, gore, the lot, all practical.


That is making a statement. It proves that you don’t need a film full of CGI, and added in effects. With this, everything is being stripped back, and going right back to the blood roots of what makes a horror film, a horror film, and it’s so refreshing.CoVaIdcXgAAlLrx

Harrison and Sid Haig also spoke about the horror genre in general and the state of things at the moment. Some of the subjects discussed were, What the hell is PG-13 horror? Why was Massacre left out of the recent Texas Chainsaw Remake?
I completely agree with Harrison Smith, in that we, as fans, supporters, even lovers of the horror genre, should demand more from the films we are getting. I’m so tired of films that feature the word Paranormal. Where is the next ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’? or ‘Hellraiser’? And I dont just mean remaking the classics.
I truly believe, that this film and any subsequent sequels, will be the start of bringing horror back, and starting a revolution in the horror genre.
I will continue to report any Death House news as it comes available. Please check out the Twitter and Facebook pages for the film.



Death House: Hell Isn’t A Word… It’s A Sentance

Death House is fast approaching, and it’s got the whole horror community, literally salivating at the prospect of what’s to come. There is so much ‘buzz’ and excitement surrounding this film, and this is for a multitude of reasons.

Plot: Two secret agents, are sent for an exclusive tour, inside a secret prison, known as ‘The Death House’, which houses the baddest, meanest, most villainous and dangerous criminals in the world. Whilst on their walk through of the prison, there is a complete power outage, that releases the ruthless army of inmates. For the two agents, the fight is on to get out, and get out alive. They’re pushed further down into the lower depths of the facility, where they learn of the worst of the housed in the ‘Death House’. They are a group of supernatural beings known as ‘The Five Evils’, and they are the only chance they have of survival.

Sounds awesome right? You don’t even know the half of it yet.

The first aspect we will look at in detail, is the whole background surrounding the lead up to making the film.


The original concept, and script for Death House, was written by ‘Gunnar Hansen’, who played the part of the legendary ‘Leatherface’, in the gore-fest, that is, of course, the original, and best, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Gunnar sadly passed away in 2015 after a long fight with cancer, but would leave us, with a whopper of a going away present. Prior to his passing, Gunnar had been working with Writer/Director ‘Harrison Smith’, who ultimately, would be charged with taking on the role of re-writing the script, and directing the movie ‘Death House’, in honour of the great Gunnar Hansen.

With a completed script, the set, and location had to be right, to bring this spectacular idea to life. The location that was chosen, for a large majority of the filming, was an abandoned prison in Philidelphia called Holmesberg Prison.

The massive facility in Holmesberg, was opened in 1896, and was in continuous use until its closure in 1995. It was the subject of controversy for many years due to wild experiments performed on inmates, which began in 1951, and ran for 20 years. The experiments on the inmates ranged from such things as dermatological and pharmaceutical tests, to biochemical weaponry. This link is to an article released in the Baltimore Sun Newspaper in 1998, and is a very well written, and detailed report, recounting the views and memories, of one man who worked closely with the prisoners. Please click and read to find out more.

Baltimore Sun Article About Experiments On Inmates

Part of the plot of the film, (and this isnt a spoiler) is about experiments and tests performed on the inmates, so you would have to agree, that location that has been picked, is the right one, for the spirit of the occasion.

Having Gunnar Hansen in the movie, is a stroke of genius, and a wonderful tribute, to a great man.

Next we’ll look at the cast of the film. This is where ‘Know Your Horror-101’ comes in handy. Think of the stars of every relevant horror film ever made, and they’re in this film. Here is the cast list:

I’m sure you’ll agree, that there is a fine blend of legends, fresh faces, and lovely ladies, that together, will make this movie incredible.

In a recent ‘Facebook Live’ Q&A session, with directer, Harrison Smith, listening to him talk about the film, elevated the excitement to a whole new level. His enthusiasm is infectious. It feels so good, that a movie like this, is being made by someone who really loves everything about the horror genre. There is so much respect for horror.

You can view the recent Q&A session right here:

The hugely anticipated trailer for Death House will get its first viewing at ‘Days Of The Dead’ convention at 3pm, on September 3rd.

Horror Movies: Alternate Endings – Part 1


Often when movies are made, the director can be undecided, at what to do with the ending, and will go ahead and film a few different scenarios, to end the film with. We’re now going to delve into the world of ‘The Alternate Ending’, and see the ‘what could have been’ endings, to some of your favourite horror films.

1. Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

The theatrical ending of the reboot, is dull, lazy, borrowed from other films of the franchise, and completely predictable. The alternate ending is a far better experience. When Freddy restrains Nancy, and turns his face back to his living face, before he was burr ed, the first time Nancy sees it, you can see the fear and terror on her face, as she looks and quickly turns away and starts to scream, after looking at the face, and looking into the eyes of the man, who had abused and tormented her, as a young girl. When it comes time for Nancy to exact her vengeance, this ending allows you to see the full extent of her rage and anger, as she finally gets her long awaited revenge.

2. Orphan

In this alternate ending, we see the ‘Final Battle’ come to an end, and then mother and daughter escaping. As good as the original ending is, the outcome is predictable. What you get with the alternative ending, is something different, and rather chilling. I can understand it not being used, as it could pave the way for pointless sequels, where we already know the big twist.

3. Friday The 13th: Part 9 – Jason Goes To Hell

Part 9, and supposed end for the Jason Voorheea saga, was a little bit of a let down, with very little of Jason being shown in the film, apart from at the very beginning, and at the very end. The alternative ending, is different mainly in the part where Jason is being dragged to hell, in this case by hands shooting from the ground, and also, little demons. The parts with one of the 2 remaining protagonists, being dragged down to hell is different as well. I can understand why they didn’t use this. The demons look like absolute garbage. They would maybe work in a film like ‘Ghoulies’, but most certainly not for a franchise such as this. The theatrical ending though, was the part of the film that provided us all, with a real gem, that 10 years later, would give us the fans, the long awaited, Freddy vs Jason in 2003.


Upcoming Films: Death House

Currently in post production, and set for release later this year, the movie is being billed as ‘The Expendables of Horror’… And after one look at the cast list, and writing credits, it’s easy to see why.

The movie, is written by Gunnar Hansen and film director Harrison, and stars horror genre legends, such as Kane Hodder, Dee Wallace, Tony Todd, Sid Haig, Michael Berrymen, Bill Mosely and Adrienne Barbeau… Just to name a few.

The basic plot of the film, is that ‘Death House’, is a secret government facility, housing the most vile, vicious criminals the world has ever seen, and they’re about to stage an escape. We are extremely excited about the release of this film, and it’s not just the cast list, that got our attention with this one.

On top of using practical effects, (which pleases is greatly), the majority of the filming, takes place at an abandoned prison in Philidelphia, known as Holmesburg Prison. The facility operated from 1896 through to 1995. There is a dark history there, with documented evidence, of inhumane experiments, and tests, performed on inmates. ‘The dorkening’, got exclusive access to the set of ‘Death House’, and ,are a short feature about the set of the film, and had time to do an interview with Kane Hodder. Click the videos below to have a look.

Holmesburg Prison


Kane Hodder Interview:


We are mega excited about the release of this movie, and will up date you with release information, when it becomes available. For the most up to date information on the movie, follow the film on Twitter at @DeathHouseMovie