Sharknado 5: Global Swarming Review

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming
 Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Cassandra Scerbo.
Release Date: 
August 6th, 2017
  As shark-infested storms grow stronger and more complex, the world braces for sharknado’s on a global scale. This year, the mission gets personal for chainsaw-wielding leader Fin Shepard and his bionic wife, April, when their young son gets trapped in a sharknado and is transported all over the world.
On August 6th, the fifth and latest instalment of the immensely popular Sharknado franchise aired on the SyFy channel worldwide.
The latest effort, has been called ‘Global Swarming’, and has been marketed with the tag line ‘Make America Bait Again’, which I have say, that although its simple, its effective and its brilliant.

The film itself tickles, delights, and horrifies you in all the right places.
landscape-1501598136-nup-177325-0023Ian Ziering, Tara Reid return as Fin and April in what really is an absolute creature feature horror/fun fest. At the end of Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens, we saw April get a hefty upgrade from her father (Gary Busey), and now has all kinds of super powers such as a hand that can change into numerous damage dealing weapons, and amongst other awesome things, can now fly.
Fin is his usual chainsaw wielding, shark slaughtering, bad ass self, and continues to do what he does best… Being the go to guy for tackling Sharknado’s.

cassie scerbo mainNova, played by Cassandra Scerbo, who featured in the 1st and 3rd films returns after her battles in Paris, and has formed a sisterhood to fight back against the sharks, in an attempt to save the world. She has taken on a sort of Indiana Jones roll in this film, running around various locations looking for artefacts in an effort to better understand how Sharknado’s have tormented humans throughout history, and to find a way to stop them.

The Plot: Fin and Nova disturbing an artefact which is an offering to the Shark god, and start a chain of events which goes global, and types of Sharknado’s that have never been seen before, and wont be solved by throwing bombs into the eye of the storm. Little Gil (Fin and April’s Son), gets sucked up into a Sharknado, which at its core, has a portal that transports the Sharknado to a different location in the world.
The artefact that Fin and April are in possession of, allows  to summon the Sharknado with the portal that contains their son. Diving head first into the storms in an effort to find Gil, the portal teleport’s them around the world, from the UK, to Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, Japan, and Italy, destroying iconic and historical monuments, and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

The Cameo’s:
Since Sharknado 2: The Second One, something we have all looked forward to is the list of celebrity cameo’s, and the latest instalment, without a shadow of a doubt has the best yet.
Playing themselves, were:

  • Al Roker, Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb and Jeff Rosen from the Today news team in the U.S.
  • Kate Garraway, Laura Tobin and Charlotte Hawkins from  the Good Morning Britain news team in the U.K.
  • Australian Network Nine news anchors Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson
  • American talk show host Cat Greenleaf
  • Poison front man, and rock god Bret Michaels 
  • Olympic swimmer Tom Daley
  • Olympic ice skater Sasha Cohen

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Also featuring in the film, were:

  • Fabio as The Pope
  • Downtown Julie Brown as the Vatican Consigliere
  • Chris Kattan as the British Prime Minister
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Ronald McDonald
  • Katie Price as the Prime Minister’s PA.
  • Lucy Pinder as the Swedish Ambassador
  • Nichelle Nichols as Secretary General Starr
  • Jena Sims as Nato Delegate Lee
  • Charo as Queen of England
  • Tony Hawk as The Hawk
  • Geraldo Riviera as Dr. Angel
  • Olivia Newton John as Orion
  • Chloe Lattanzi as Electra
  • Dolph Lundgren as grown up Gil Shepard
  • John Hennigan as Rodolfo
  • Greg Louganis as Zico

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming - Season 2017

What a lot of people don’t get with these films, or seem to completely forget, is that this does not exist in any kind of reality.
It’s not meant to be taken seriously.
Its a franchise where the phrases ‘Too Much’, and ‘What the hell’ mean absolutely nothing. They’re films that you can just watch and enjoy.
If you havent checked it out already, be sure that you do…and have a laugh at how outlandish it is, and then squirm at the many, many people being squashed and eaten by many, many sharks, as Fin and his team of ultimate bad asses take on the sharknado’s.


Comic Review: Freddy vs Jason vs Ash – The Nightmare Warriors


The Nightmare Warriors is the 2nd ‘Freddy vs Jason vs Ash’ mini series from Wildstorm comics. It carries on from where the original mini series leaves off.

In the showdown at the end of what we will call “Season One”, the scene is set for the show down at Camp Crystal Lake, where the three titans are in the midst of a fight to the death.
Ash scrambles for the Necronimcon, sends Freddy through a portal into the Deadite dimension, and then in classic fashion, drowns Jason in the lake, along with the Necronomicon.
With Freddy and Jason defeated, the evil book now lies at the bottom of the frozen lake, and out of sight of anybody that could pick it up and read from it

Or is it…?

In the midst of a new top secret government project involving the Necronomicon Exmortis, there are two psychiatrists that are trying to locate and bring together survivors of past encounters of with Freddy and Jason, to form a group called The Nightmare Warriors, and with the help of a certain ‘Chosen One’, make a march on Washington, to fight pure evil, and defeat it once and for all.

Where do begin with this mini series… Quite simply put, its very good, and is a great way to follow on from the first series.
As soon as Jason comes back into the mix, literally, all hell breaks loose and the carnage at the end of the first comic continues.
As you’d expect from a comic with these three characters, its pretty non stop action throughout.
With this comic book having the title ‘Nightmare Warriors’, this is of course, a group of people who have fought Freddy or Jason and survived.
Dr Neil Gordon (Elm Street 3) returns in the role of Psychiatrist, and is still trying to figure out a way to stop Krueger for good. Also from the Elm Street series, the protagonist Alice who features in Elm Street 4 & 5 and her son Jacob are featured.
As a special treat, and with the power of the Necronomicon, some of those who have perished throughout the Elm Street series get resurrected to come and help finish the job. CUOF2605
Joining the Warriors, is Tommy Jarvis who features in Friday the 13th parts 4,5 &6, and is joined by his franchise counterpart Tina, from Friday the 13th Part 7. They are of course joined by the chosen one… Ash Williams from Evil Dead.
The team are led by Maggie Burroughs, who is the Psychiatrist leading the Warriors. To all Elm Street fans, if Maggie’s name sounds familiar, it should do.
Something I enjoyed in particular is that every character gets there moment in the sun. There isn’t anyone who is there for fodder… But in saying that, this comic does have a bit of ‘The Walking Dead’ complex, in that even the characters can die.
The essence of the characters is captured so well.
The script written for Ash is brilliant. I found myself reading his lines with Bruce Campbell’s voice in my head at every turn.
The same can be said with Freddy Krueger. Its hard to compare his character to any one of the Elm Street films as there is a piece of him from each one.
Jason, as expected… he’s a man of few words, but rest assured he does a hell of a lot of killing. Something else to mention about Jason, is that in this comic, he is sporting a new, rather fetching get up which I found… Shall we say… at first I found ‘interesting’, but really grew on me as the series went on.

I do need to say as well, that the art work in this series, has definitely improved.The first series has a brilliant story, though in the earlier comics, the art work lacked consistency. Whether that’s down to different artists working on the project is unknown, but in the ‘Nightmare Warriors’ series, there are vast improvements. The little intricacies of the characters are captured brilliantly. The first series and ‘The Nightmare warriors are both well worth a look.

Each of these characters also has their own series of comics that are like these, independent from the films, and are like the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash series… an incredibly good read.

VR Gaming: 360 Degrees of Hell

We here at ‘The Scream Source’, are very excited to announce the latest, exciting VR experience on iOS and Android.

Recall Studios, a virtual reality and media subsidiary of Carolco Pictures, are releasing an immersive, live action VR horror experience, called ‘360 Degrees of Hell’.
It will give viewers the chance to experience the next chapter of the cult classic ‘Six Degrees of Hell’, in a full 360 degree environment.

Pretty damn cool right?
We’re happy to report, that the news only gets better… Continue reading


Thats right, you read it correctly. Scream Queens will be returning on September 20th, for Season 2 of the show.

Scream Queens, is part of the group of television shows put together, by show runners, and producers, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.


Left: Ryan Murphy, Right: Brad Falchuk

Their partnership has proved fruitful. Over the years, they are responsible for bringing us, some quality television. With such shows as Nip/Tuck (2003-2010), Glee (2009-2015), and going into its 6th season, American Horror Story, which will air on FOX, on September 14th.


From Left to Right: Chanel#3 (Billie Lourd), Chanel#2 (Ariana Grande), Chanel#1 (Emma Roberts) & Chanel#5 (Abigail Breslin)

The above is the official trailer for Scream Queens, Season 1. Introducing the 4 Chanels.(There was 5, but Chanel#4 was killed off in the pilot episode, and is uncredited).

. Season 1 of Scream Queens was set on a college campus, and focused mainly on the Kappa Sorority house. It featured, lots of murder, blood and gore.  Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), sees herself, as being the head girl of the Kappa house, with her group of minions, who are numbered Chanel 1-5. Throughout season 1, there is a constant battle of wills between Chanel and the headmistress of the college, Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis)


Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Munsch

Season 2 however, is set 3 years after the delightfully dark, and hilariously gruesome capers of season 1, and is set in a hospital, run by their former college head. Returning to the show, will be,3 Chanel Oberlin and her minions, Chanel#3 (Billie Lourd) and Chanel#5 (Abigail Breslin) and more of the favourites from season 1, such as:

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Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)


One night last week, my wife and I, watched the 1984 release , of the Wes Craven directed, Nightmare On Elm Street. It was airing on ‘TCM’ in HD, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

We had only ever seen the reboot once. That was on the very first night, of its cinematic release. Due to the literal heartache, we felt after seeing it, we couldn’t bare the thought of ever watching it again. BUT… the night after watching the original, we took a deep breath, opened our minds, and dived into the world of turd, that is the Samuel Bayer directed, 2010 reboot, of Nightmare On Elm Street.


I want to start by saying that the film on a whole is not actually that bad, if you were to class it, as a stand alone slasher film. It doesn’t work as an Elm Street film.                             There are many, many reasons, that this reboot didn’t work. Let’s have a look as to why.


It’s easy to blame the leading man, but contrary to popular opinion, where the movie is lacking, is nothing to do with Jackie-Earle Hayley’s portrayal, of the man of your dreams. He is a fine actor, and his performance is fantastic. He hasn’t tried to copy Robert Englund, which is great. It shows, that as an actor, and a professional, he has put some thought, research and effort, into his role as Freddy Krueger. The first problem with the reboot, is that you don’t feel outright fear. It is sorely lacking. But that’s not Hayley’s fault. He can only read the lines that he’s given, and do, as he’s directed.


The second reason, that the movie doesn’t fill you with outright fear, is the make up. I understand it’s a reboot, and they wanted to go their own way with it, but it looks like absolute garbage. You don’t look at Hayley’s make up, like you did Englund’s, and automatically feel fear and dread, before he’s even slashed someone, or opened his mouth. That’s not to say, they should have copied Englund’s make up, but at least, use it as a point of reference, and build from there. This just isn’t good enough.

Thirdly, is the plot. This was supposed to be a reboot, but for the most part, the sequence of events, is lifted straight from Wes Craven’s original. It shows a major lack of creativity, on the part of either the writer, the director, or both. Though in saying this, it has to be said, that in a couple of the death scenes, they do let Freddy out the box, and there is that element, of ‘playing with his food’ so to speak… For example, the first kill on Dean in the café, and the 3rd kill on Jesse when he’s in prison, and the line from Freddy “we still have 6 more minutes to play”.

Deans Death Scene

Jesse’s Death Scene

To talk a some more about the problems with the plot, far too much of Freddy’s back story is revealed. Yes, the reboot should try it’s best to be different from the original, but I think completely changing the origin story, was a big mistake. Less is more. Yes, make it different, but let our brains picture the horrible things he did… That provides fear.

Problems with the plot? Lets look at the writing of the script and screenplay. Hired for the job, was a feature-length film novice, in Eric Heisserer. Now don’t get me wrong, in all credit to the guy, he has gone on to write such films, as Final Destination 5, and the new delightfully dark and terrifying, Lights Out. The problems with the writing, is that, like most films these days, there was too much studio involvement. Heisserer, didn’t really have room to work with. He was only given 1 month to have everything ready, and with strict guidelines from New Line, to bring in their target audience.

Next, the director used for this film, was Samuel Bayer. This is a man who has only ever directed music videos. And the majority of, in my opinion, not very good ones. This was a huge mistake. Bayer, up to this point, had never directed a feature-length film before, never even mind, a horror film. I have to ask the question… Why didnt you use the alternative ending? It is 100 country miles, better than the ending that was used for the theatrical release.

The reasons for me preferring the alternative ending, will be evident when you watch it. .


Its rumoured that there is going to be another reboot, coming at some point, the writer who did ‘Orphan’, is rumoured to have taken on the responsibility. Lord only knows who will be cast as Freddy Krueger.


Unfriended: Movie Review

Unfriended, is a found footage movie, but not as we know it. It’s filmed in the point of view perspective, of the main character, Blaire’s MacBook, while she Skype video chats, with 5 of her high school friends.

The basic jist of the film here, is… A girl gets cyber bullied, to the point of killing herself, after a video of her, having a drunken mishap at a party, is posted on YouTube. On the first anniversary of her death, comes back to get some good old-fashioned revenge… But this isn’t just another film, re-telling the story, about how a group of friends, get haunted by a vengeful spirit… This is quite clever, and its own way, quite unique.

We’re introduced to the movie, by a live leak video, showing a girl, called Laura Barnes, committing suicide. And then shown the video of her having the previously discussed, drunken mishap, at a high school, house party.

Main protagonists Blaire, and her five friends, who are 2 girls, called Val, and Jess, and 3 guys, called Ken, Adam, and Mitch, are video chatting on Skype. After they’ve all greeted each other, they very quickly realise, there is someone else in the private, group video chat with them, and they’re not alone. The person has a plain blue avatar, and no matter what they try, they can’t disconnect this person from the call. They first dismiss it as a glitch, but then the glitch starts to send typed, instant messages to the group. Blaire and the others, receive vicious threat messages, from the mystery person, saying if they hang up, they will die.


One of the girls, decides that she has had enough, and does hang up. In front of everyone, she is made an example of.


And in true ‘Saw’ type style, tells them, they’re going to play a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and the first to lose will die… and then the next one to lose after that, and so forth, until there is one left. Then, just before they start playing, the person reveals who’s really behind this online assault. The group choose to not believe this, and the assailant turns out everyone’s lights.

Terrified out of their wits, they begin the game. They are all asked, varied questions, of a very intimate nature, designed to turn them against each other. It works to great effect. One by one, they run out of fingers, and again, each person that loses, is made an example of to the rest, in a more brutal fashion than the last, until one remains. A big mistake made by the sole survivor, in their past is posted online, for the world to see, and where it lays, forever it will stay. Forever haunted by their lies and wrong doings.


What is important about this film, is theme, or message of it working as a deterrent to online/cyber bullying, as. It is a harsh, real life reflection, of the lengths some people will go to, when they’re pushed over edge, and feel there is no way out, but suicide.

The acting is of a high standard and a credit to the film. You really feel the terror they’re feeling, and the emotional pain and anguish they’re going through. The dialogue is relevant too, and works well for the nature of the film. Visually, it flows well, from video chat as a group, to direct messages, between different members of the group. The way this aspect of the film is out together, is really quite clever. It helps in bringing out the characters personalities, traits and flaws. The more the film goes on, I found myself switching from thinking, ‘oh my god, these poor teenagers, are being stalked, and are scared out of their minds’, to then finding out, more about the group, and realising, they’re actually a collective bunch, of back stabbing bastards… And ultimately, started rooting for the so-called ‘villain’. With teen horrors, you run the risk of turning the whole film into one big cliché, but the writer and director manage to avoid this, which made me very happy. It’s a solid film.

Negatives that I could pull from the film, would be that during the Skype video chat segments, on each of the characters there is constant 5 second burst of a grainy webcam and lag. Here and there, would be ok, but it’s constant through the whole film and it’s incredibly annoying. More is not always better. I understand that they would want to feature this, to try, and make it look as realistic as possible… But it’s too much.

The production company behind this film, Blumhouse Productions, have definitely got the formula nailed, when it comes to found footage movies. Movies, that in monetary terms, can be made for next to nothing, as far as making movies goes, and will make a huge profit at the box office. Previous success with found footage film, has been with such titles as, the Paranormal Activity franchise, and Ouija, to name but a few. In the instance of Unfriended, the movie in its entirety, was made for around $1,000,000, and took in an estimated $38,000,000 in the U.S alone. That’s a massive return on their investment.

It’s no wonder then, that a sequel is already being made, and will arrive in 2017. An exact date is still to be confirmed.





Original vs Remake Battle – Part 1

Horror film remakes always get a bad wrap.
But should that always be the case?
It’s not like remaking horror films, is even a new thing. Film makers were doing it, as far back as the 80’s.

So let’s examine a little deeper.

In a recent, ‘Original v Remake Battle’ poll, we did on Twitter, the votes cast were nearly all in favour, of the original films in the most part.
But some were quite close, as the remakes weren’t entirely that bad.

The poll was done, on 10 films overall, and here in part 1, we will look at the first 5 that featured. I tried to pick films, where the remake wasn’t an outright disappointment.
For example, the 2010 Nightmare On Elm Street remake.

Do all horror film remakes really deserve the ‘Naughty Kid In The Corner’ kind of reputation that they’re getting? Here are the results.


Here, we have two films, which are classics in their own right. The 1986 version, with the use of superb practical effects, and advances in technology, allowed the film to become more relevant in its time. In 1958, Vincent Price starred in the original version of ‘The Fly’. It’s a classic in the sense that film is pure, 1950’s Sci-Fi, and really speaks of it’s time. In 1986, renowned director, David Cronenberg, cast Jeff Goldblum, who was delightfully dark and completely superb, in the role of Seth ‘The Fly’ Brundle. His transformation is hard to watch at times. And the end of the film descends into a world of violence and chaos, in this dark and at times, gory and brutal reimagining. Making this a true, timeless, classic of the Sci-Fi/Horror genre.

Again, we have two films which in my opinion, are both superb. 1977, would see the directorial, master of suspense, John Carpenter, write and direct the film, Haloween. He would cast Jamie-Lee Curtis in the lead role, as the character Laurie Strode. Together, they made this suburban slasher, a timeless masterpiece, and a template for all future slasher movies to work from. Halloween, would also be the start of a long running franchise that spawned numerous sequels. 30 years later, In 2007, ‘Shock-Rocker’ Rob Zombie, brought us his dark, and twisted reimagining, of the 1977 classic. Scout Taylor-Compton, played the part of Laurie Strode and Malcolm MacDowell, stars as Dr. Samuel Loomis. The talented, gorgeous Scream queen, and Hatchet actress, Danielle Harris also features, alongside ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ and ‘Devils Rejects’ star, Sheri-Moon Zombie, who also happens to be Rob Zombies wife. Given the success, and popularity of Zombies reimagining , the above mentioned, were to return for a sequel, simply titled H2.

It has to be said, that this is probably the worst comparison of the bunch. 1959, would see the Horror maestro, of the ‘golden age’ of horror, Vincent Price, star as Frederick Loren, a man of wealth, who offers a group of people $10,000 each, if they come to the ‘House On Haunted Hill’ and spend the night. The sum would be paid, If they survive the night. A truly inspired performance by Price, really shows why this film has stood the test of time so well. 40 years later in 1999, a re-imagining of the classic was to be released starring Geoffrey Rush, and Famke Janssen. Rush plays the part of Stephen Price (How fitting). This time, the group of people invited to the spooky house, are each offered the princely sum of $1 million dollars, of they survive the night, and the ghostly figure of the evil Dr. Richard Vannicut. It has lots of blood and gore in the right places, and some genuinely frightening moments, but not enough. My main problem with this film, is that, a lot of the stuff that happens in the film, seems shoved in, for no apparent reason, and doesn’t offer anything to the story. For example, the roller coaster scene. It was to receive mostly negative reviews.


In 1980, fresh off the back of making the Sexploitation/Revenge Horror, Last House On The Left, with horror master Wes Craven… Sean S. Cunningham used his profits earned, to make Friday the 13th. ‘Camp Crystal Lake’, is setting in this story of slaughter. A mother is out to avenge the death of her son, Jason Voorhees. Councillors are picked off by crazed killer played by Betsy Palmer until she finally meets her match and a grim fate at that. The film would be followed by 10 sequels, if you include Freddy vs Jason. It is not until part 3 (the 3D one), that Jason, puts on the legendary hockey mask, now synonymous with the character. In parts 7-10 of the franchise, everyones favourite villain, Kane Hodder, plays the maniac behind the mask, to great effect, and it really was a massive let down to fans, that it wasn’t him, that got to square off, against Robert Englund, in Freddy vs Jason. In 2009, we got a reboot of Friday the 13th, were a rich, daddies boy, takes his friends, to his dad’s cabin, on crystal lake. The group discover a boarded up Camp Crystal Lake, where Jason is waiting, and guess what happens? The film is produced by Michael Bay, and directed by Marcus Nispel. The same director who did the 2006 remake, of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Which is also produced by Michael Bay. The writers and director haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel, and mess with, or change Jason’s origin story, which I’m happy about. The positives, that can be drawn from the reboot, are that there is lots of boobage on display, and plenty of sex, and lots of violence. Some of the kills are bit strong. For example, the girl in the sleeping bag. Just…OOF…And the Asian guy in the tool shed, and actually, pretty much all of the killing sequences, are pretty awesome, and have their own unique charm. And it has to be said, Derek Mears does a really good job as Jason. I prefer the bigger built, Kane Hodder style Jason, to the tall skinny style, like in Freddy vs Jason. Although the action sequences are good, and the story of the missing Sister, does hold up very well, some of the acting and dialogue leaves a lot to be desired. With such lines as “You nearly pressed the start button on a whoop ass machine”, “Your tits are stupendous”, and “You have perfect nipple placement”, the script writer who wrote these lines, was surely a literary genius. This is just few of the negative aspects, of a film that was received, to mixed reviews. But overall, in my opinion, this isn’t a terrible film, and I don’t believe, it deserves the overly negative comments people give it. If you compare this reboot, to the nightmare on elm street reboot, Jason is a clear winner over Freddy, all hands down.


In 1979, the godfather and creator of the zombie movie, George A. Romero, released the epic, Dawn of The Dead. The film, is set in a shopping mall, full of zombies, where the main protagonists, must fight to survive the zombie hordes, that have set upon them, using only the amenities they have readily available. This film really took on screen gore and brutality to the next level, in mainstream cinema, and featured the legendary line, “When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth”. 2004 saw a remake of the film, which in it’s entirety, is really very good. The film features zombies that are hyper aggressive, and can run, very fast which is frightening in itself. The film has lots of kills, and blood and gore, organs and intestines being ripped out, and is really a very enjoyable watch that is respectful, and a great homage to the original.

The Loved Ones: Movie Review

Released 2009, this deliciously dark, and brutal Australian master piece, is sure to have you watching through closed fingers.

Basic plot of the film (without too many spoilers) is: Cool rocker guy, called Brent, (with nice eyes and lovely hair says my wife), played by Xavier Samuel, turns down uncool, loner girl, called Lola, played by Robin McLeavy, to the end of year prom. Lola and her dad concoct a plan to kidnap Brent, in revenge for him saying no to her. Brent wakes up at Lola’s house, and is subjected to horrific torture at the hands of his captors, with knives, forks, hammers, power drills, rocks, bleach and boiled water (I think that’s everything). Each used, in a more horrific way than the last. The rest, I will leave to your imagination, as I’m not ruining the end of the film for you. Or of course, you could watch this and see for yourself.

The film has scenes of very graphic violence, but it doesn’t sacrifice story line, or  character development, in the whirlwind of madness and depravity that ensues. It’s not just violent for the sake of it.

I’m rather struggling to think of anything bad to say about this film. Possibly that it follows general rule of thumb with kidnap films, except this one in parts, descends into it’s own world, of sickness and depravity. Particularly with the relationship between the father and the daughter. It provides a few Uncomfortable moments for sure.

To round this up, if you’re a horror fan, this is a must see, and is vital to your collection. ‘The loved ones’, really is, above and beyond, any other kidnap film, you’re ever likely to see.

We give this film 8/10.

Check out the teaser trailer below: